Pet Therapies Made Easy

Pet Wellness & Therapy provides solutions that help you and your animals attain quality of life together and maintain that quality throughout their lifetime. We utilize a Canine Water Treadmill designed to offer low-impact therapy or workouts for dogs, an Electric Canine Treadmill offering fitness sessions to help your dog get and maintain a healthy weight and life by building endurance, strength, and happiness plus Cold Therapy Laser sessio... Read more

Alternative Healing Services in Niantic

Laser therapy provides your pet with a non-invasive, painless, non-surgical, and drug-free treatment that can target a variety of different health conditions. It is also safe to be performed in conjunction with other existing treatments. The cold laser is used to stimulate the natural healing process so that your pet recovers more quickly. This can be a recovery from an injury, planned surgery, or a general health problem.  

This process h... Read more

Communication is Key

Animal communication sessions allow you to bridge the gap between you and your animal’s thoughts, emotions and energy. This allows you to deepen your relationship with your pet and further understand how they move through this earth, what they like and what sets them off. Animal communication is a telepathic conversation with animals of all kinds. Telepathy is communicating with your mind rather than your five senses. It is a mind to mind, a... Read more