Canine Treadmill

Canine Treadmill

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Canine treadmills are designed specifically for 4-legged creatures. They are longer than human treadmills and have sides for added security and stability for the dogs. There are many reasons to use a dog treadmill and they are for healthy dogs, not dogs undergoing rehabilitation. 

Owners who have limited mobility benefit from being able to participate in exercising their dog, rather than having someone else do it. Environmental conditions often make it difficult for our dogs to get enough exercise, humidity, and heat, cold and ice, salt on roads and sidewalks, and chemicals on lawns are all great reasons to exercise your dog on a treadmill. 

Perhaps your puppy has an abundance of energy and needs to flat out run to dispense it, or a senior who needs managed exercise for weight maintenance. For working dogs and show dogs the benefits of controlled physical conditioning are excellent.

Package offer: $270 for 10 sessions.


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