Animals, Our Bridge to Oneness Opening up to Non-Human Love

Animals, Our Bridge to Oneness Opening up to Non-Human Love

Posted on Mar 13, 2018

There is a plaque that says “My goal in life to become the person my dog thinks I am”. (Substitute cat, horse, goldfish, guinea pig etc.) The good news is that we already are that person, and our loving animals can see that, even when we can't. Yes,our animals are our companions, but they also are our teachers, our healers and our guides. Now more than ever their special role in our collective awakening is being brought to the forefront of consciousness. It has become mainstream, this month Time Magazine has a special edition devoted entirely to how animals effect our health, individually, nationally and globally.

If we have ever loved an animal then we have communicated with them. So often we think that we are just reading their body language, or we are so accustomed to their routines that we know what they want or need. While that is true to some extent it is not the whole story. Animals are communicating with us all the time, and we with them. Animals are naturally telepathic and so are we. “How Animals Talk” was written in 1919 by William J. Long, a naturalist who lived in Stamford, CT. He writes “we see, first, that birds and beasts have certain audible cries which convey a more or less definite meaning...and second, that they also have some “telepathic” faculty of sending emotional impulses to others of their kind at a distance....And the hypothesis of silent communication certainly “work” since it helps greatly to clarify certain observed phenomena of animal life.” Long goes on to say that “All men seem to have some hint or suggestion of telepathy in them....meanwhile, by employing speech exclusively to express our thought or emotion, and by habitually depending on our five senses for all our impressions of the external world, have not only neglected but even lost all memory of the gift that was once ours.”

Let's face it, at this point in our spiritual evolution many of us are open to the idea that the point of Love is Oneness. We have all read similar books and dedicated many hours to self search and meditation. And yet we find our Joy an elusive being. Our ego's convince us that we are chasing down our Joy, while in fact we are running away from it. We need to admit that Love/Oneness/Joy is a choice. Nothing more and nothing less. And unless we insist upon dragging our past into our present or future, we are not bound by it. We can continue to make the same choices over and over, or we can admit we are wrong and start over, every moment of every day. 

In “The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking” James Twyman says “ You are on this earth, in this world of perception, for one reason: to experience the reality of Life in all it's forms, and know that they are One.” 

Experiencing the deep connection of non-human love with our animals brings us to this place. We surrender to the truth that we are connected in a place beyond form, beyond time, space and words...pure Love and a soul to soul connection. We experience ourselves as One with all Life, we accept ourselves as One with All That Is.

Eckhart Tolle says “ Animals live in unconscious oneness with the whole.” If you have ever had the opportunity to sit or stroll in nature, without intention except to extend an aura of peacefulness, you will have experienced this. Animals will greet you with a look of surprise, and they may move alertly here or there to get a better look at you, but they will make eye contact with you, showing signs of curiosity before they scamper away. That is the beginning of animal communication. They have connected with you and accepted you as part of All That Is, despite your human beingness!

Our domestic animals hold a special place in bringing about coming changes on our Mother Earth. They do not only live in continued Oneness with the Whole, but live in our dualistic world of form and Divine Source. They are really and truly domesticated, they share our passions and our fears. We are here to be truly helpful to one another, and in so doing we heal each other. Every time we want to tear our hair out because life with our animals is just not working, there is a lesson to be learned. They never act out just because they want to drive us matter how much that seems to be the case. This is where animal communication is a huge boon. It is intensely practical as well as being intensely spiritual, and it is tons of fun to boot! In order to communicate with our animals we must see them as equals. We communicate telepathically with a soul to soul connection. Although they definitely think differently than we do, to communicate we must accept that when it comes down to it we are the same. There is only one Creation and we are IT! If we all communicated with our animals the world would change, globally and forever.

Start with connecting with a wild animal. Squirrel, bird, deer, fly or anything else that shows up in your life. Extend your love outward by extending your being out from yourself. Don't project your perception of yourself, simply see your radiant energy extending out from you like ripples in a still pond. Whatever creature that shows up is meant to be. Politely, remember your pleases and thank you's, ask the creature if it would mind having a word or two. They will make eye contact. And even if they dart into the nearest bush you will know that you have connected. 

If they stay around looking curiously at the human who is willing and able to talk to them, ask them a question. “ How are you today?” “Do you have enough food?” Whatever comes to mind is appropriate. Then, and this is the kicker, TRUST WHAT YOU HEAR! 

Communication comes in many forms, the Clair-senses. Learning how you hear is a big part of being able to communicate with All Life. For now, just be open and remember to say thank you regardless if you feel you got something or not. Know that wherever you are on your spiritual journey, being able to communicate with animals will open you further. Whatever our next step is supposed to be, our beloved animals will take us there, without question. Be open and let the Joy begin!!

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