How We Hear Our Animals The Clair Senses

How We Hear Our Animals The Clair Senses

Posted on Mar 18, 2018.

We are not our bodies. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Envision our bodies as a frame, supporting and housing a priceless work of art. The frame is beautiful, but once it's empty, it is still just the frame. It is not the perfect work of art that it once housed. So if we are not our body, then where do we go in order to find ourselves? We go inside, we consciously connect with our mind. Not all the sundry thoughts that are swirling around, but the centered thought that, when allowed, can block out all that noise in our head. This mind, this centered thought, we come to realize is the priceless work of art. Although it is currently housed in a beautiful frame, it is not limited by it. 

Our bodies are created for communication. We use our voice, our hands, our face, our legs, our whole bodies to communicate what is needed. Although our minds can use our bodies for it's own purpose, our minds do not have to be limited by the level of communication our bodies provide. Our minds are meant for expansion. Communicating this way brings things together, it joins rather than separates. We can all connect to each other this way. It's actually how we communicate, it's the meaning behind the words. 

This is how telepathy works. We are sending and receiving information from each other and our animals all the time. Our animals are so adept at it, that they display their telepathic abilities on an ongoing basis. They are not limited by our patterns of thought and definitions. The information is being sent out and is there for all of us to receive. Once we are willing to accept the concept of telepathic communication, then understanding how you are receiving the information is the next step.

We receive telepathic information through our Clair Senses. This is a collective phrase that refers to all types of psychic sensitivity corresponding to our physical senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and touching. We all have access to all of these types of communication, but often we tend to gravitate toward our most natural means of communication.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing) means that we receive the information in pictures or visual mental images in our minds eye. These pictures can be a quick single snapshot, or a little scene as if it is a small movie. Sometimes the image that comes to mind can be symbolic, such as a red light, and sometimes you can see an actual image of what the animal is seeing, or wants you to see. 

Often we intuitively understand what the images mean, but if that is not the case, ask for clarification. Clairvoyants receive extrasensory impressions and symbols in the form of “inner sight”, without the aid of our physical eyes. Although long visual impressions are often easier to receive when we are meditating, quick snap shots can be obtained at any time, even if we are presently thinking about something else. This is actually a good way to know that the image we just saw in our minds eye didn't come from our own mind, because we simply weren’t thinking about it.

Clairaudience (clear hearing) is the perception of sounds or words that are broadcast without an audible sound. Or sometimes in the case of animal communication, understanding what their vocalizations mean. The voice that we hear may sound like our own inner voice, or it may sound like something different. It may come from within our mind, or within our body, or it may sound like it comes from outside our body all together. It might sound like a faint voice, feel free to ask them to speak up please, or it may be clear as a bell. 

We have most likely all been taught that “hearing voices” is a sign of insanity. But that is just another distraction of our “ego” voice, telling us we can't actually be doing this. That what we know in our heart to be true is somehow wrong or false. Remember the act of communicating joins us with another being, and to the ego this is it's demise.

Clarsentience (clear feeling) is to perceive information by a “feeling” within the whole body. Without any outer stimuli related to the feeling. Clairsentience includes several other clair senses within it's scope. Sometimes called Clairempathy (clear emotion) an empath can feel the emotional experience of a being. It is a type of telepathy where we feel or sense within ourselves the attitude, emotion or aliment of another being. Empaths are very sensitive to each beings personal vibration. 

Clairsentients get guidance through bodily sensations, such as pain in a certain joint, or stomach pain that can be as specific as before or after a meal, or a tightening of the jaw and spine that sense an awareness of danger. Because each of our five senses has a corresponding spiritual sense, clairsentiants receive information through a sense of smell (clairscent), taste (clairgustance), and touch (clairtangency). Clairsentients receive many gut feelings and hunches. Much of our intuition comes from the stomach region, and the stomach clenches, relaxes or flutters according to the information we receive.

Claircognizance (clear knowing) is the 4th means of telepathic communication. As Doreen Virtue defines it “Claircognizants know without knowing how they know. As a result we may question the validity of our knowing. This is a mistake...” Information enters out mind in a big block of knowing. Our job is to then sort through the block and put it into human language. 

It is frequently detailed and accurate information. And often in the process of sorting it all out we miss bits and pieces. Ask for the information again. As we sort, put into language and review we take the whole block and make sense and meaning of it. This is not uncommon in animal communication because animals perceive things differently than we do, we often get blocks of information.

We all have access to all of these clair senses. With practice and a willingness to learn we can become adept at receiving information with all our clair senses. When we communicate telepathically with another being it is literally building a bridge from one being to another. As we walk across that bridge we two become one. And we realize the single truth of Oneness, which is all we have been searching for all along.

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